Hi, my name is Faryn Weller and I am responsible for the development of Dogspeak, LLC and its canine programs. I have been exposed to many different breeds, temperaments, environments, as well as age groups. I have extensive experience working with aggressive, stubborn, hyperactive, and fearful dogs, as well as in homes that have more than one dog. My work continues to follow the path of working with a diverse group of dogs and staying up-to-date with training methods and tools.

Dogspeak provides dog training and behavior modification to meet your particular needs. With Dogspeak, you and your companion receive one-to-one attention, guidance, and training ALL in your own home.

In order to insure you receive the highest quality training for your dog, Dogspeak offers a FREE EVALUATION and CONSULTATION in your home.



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The commands "Down" and "Stay" are being shown above by Toby,
a Saint Bernard mix.